Can You Take a Joke?

I let this agitate me so I’m going to go ahead and rant on this for a minute. I’m old enough to think it’s healthy to do for myself and arrogant enough to think it’s healthy for society.

Possible trigger warning so maybe don’t read any further. Grown up conversation and grown up language.

I’m usually not bothered by the silly things society does. Silly is a nice generic word when I could use so many others. Side note, I’m a self-professed silly bitch by the way.

Anyway, I just saw that hours before the show, a venue canceled a Dave Chappelle comedy show.

I find this ridiculous and irresponsible. Folks throwing “Sticks & Stones” (see what I did there? That’s the title of one of Dave’s comedy specials LOL) anyway, folks throwing sticks and stones and calling that man a homophobe aren’t paying attention.

I suggest, if you want to judge him, you should really hear him out instead of listening to what someone else speculates about him or hearing a CLIP from a comedy show and trying to act like a comedy act is real life. Think of a comedy act the same way you do a movie. That shit ain’t real, you silly child. It’s art. And the good artists, like Dave Chappelle, can be thought provoking and powerful.

I say God Bless the comedians. A healthy society needs them more than too many of us seem to acknowledge.

I watched Dave Chappelle’s comedy special titled The Closer and I got emotional by the end of it. The human connection, the Love, I felt when he told the story of his friend Daphne was beautiful.

If you don’t know the story, I really recommend you go watch The Closer on Netflix – especially if you’re cool with peoples attempts to “cancel” that man, but Dave’s friend Daphne was a comedian and trans woman who killed herself after being bullied by some punk-ass bullies online.

The real issue here:

Dear child, never let anyone try to tell you “what you mean” or what’s in your heart.

Dear child, always know that nobody can tell you what’s in your heart. They can seek to understand you or they can try and gaslight you. One or the other, not both. Beware gaslighting, learn what it is and notice it when a self-righteous one attempts it on you.

So if some clown starts telling you about you and you know that the shit they’re talking ain’t your truth… please be strong and courageous enough to let them know they can fuck right off.

This is interesting to me too because I’d just made a post on Instagram about how much I appreciate Dave Chappelle and his art just a day or so ago and tonight I see the cancel children actually got some spineless executives to bend the knee and cancel his show HOURS before the show. That’s thoughtless, rude, selfish and childish.​​​​​​​

The children are calling too many shots these days, y’all. Seems like we need more men, real men, to stand up and slap down some bullies. Real men, meaning humans with backbone.

I don’t just mean grownup human males. Women are men too. Wo-what? What’s the second part of wo-man? Man. We’re all “man”infestations of Imagination, call It what you like (God, Christ Consciousness, etc) but we’re all of manifestations of It. The capitalizations there were deliberate by the way.



​​​​​​​Oh and “punching down” is a bigoted concept that requires one to either think of themselves as better-than or projecting that they feel lesser than. Dave treated the trans community as equals by picking on them just like he does any other humans. Some folk are just too insecure to take a joke… but that’s not on the comedian, that’s on the weak one who feels lesser-than. 

That clip above of Rogan was taken from 

Here’s some thoughts (click here) on this stuff from another comedian who, just this week, put out his comedy special direct to market himself. He had a streaming deal with one of those big logo companies (I’m speculating it was with Netflix) and they wanted to try and tell him what he could and couldn’t say in HIS art. So he bought the rights back from the logo company and sold it online himself. When I heard about that I immediately went and gave him my $15 (I think it came to $18 something total) and I watched it that night. I bought it to support the comedian, then I watched the comedy special and loved it so i got the reward for the purchase. Side note here but I watched the Andrew Schulz’s special and am curious what part they wanted him to take out. I’m speculating it was the parts about Michael Jackson. You can see a promo clip for INFAMOUS here. If you like comedy, check this one out. 

Here’s a couple comedy specials that came to mind as I’m making this blog post. If you’re into comedy, I’d assume that means you’re not easily offended. Here’s a couple good ones:

Ricky Gervais: SuperNature | Official Clip | Netflix (this one really drills the point about what comedy is)​​​​​​​

FULL COMEDY SPECIAL | Jim Breuer – ‘Somebody Had to Say It’

Jimmy Carr: HIS DARK MATERIAL | Mansplaining | Netflix (clip)


Jimmy Carr The holocaust and the Jehovahs Witnesses (clip. and i thought the Ricky Gervais one was perfect to drive home the point… OMG THIS ONE IS PERFECT. PLEASE WATCH THIS ONE)


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