No Emotional Healing For You

Controversial. Heart broken man denied personal growth opportunity due to personal health choice.

I know the tone of this video rant is very aggressive and doesn’t shine me in the best light. I am human. I have emotions. This is me expressing defensive anger. I’d like to suggest I was less aggressive and more “passionately disappointed”. I really had my heart set on “Growing Through The Process” and couldn’t wait for January to come!

I also really want to be clear, I know I said it in the video but I also ranted a lot so I want to reiterate, I am not mad at the decision makers at The Hoffman Institute, certainly not the nice lady I’d just spoken with on the phone a few minutes prior. I was ranting at society as a whole and really just the “self-righteous finger wagers” more than anything.

The folk at Hoffman are dealing with pressures of their own and doing what they think is best to “protect the house” and I know that wasn’t an easy decision to deny Seekers the opportunity to heal through The Process.

If you’ve noticed, I’ve mentioned The Hoffman Institute and The Hoffman Process book on my YT channel previously as well as my Instagram (click here to follow me on Insta). My opinion of the work they’re doing has not changed. Hence my disappointment. I am a huge fan and advocate of/for the work they’re doing and, when they decide to let my kind attend again, I 100% will be growing through The Process. Who knows when. Maybe 2025. Maybe. 

If you’ve never heard of The Process, I’d made a playlist of a bunch of videos I’d watched about it. Testimonials, promo videos, etc. Click here to check that out, if you think you’re interested and fully-vaxxed. The YouTube video below has my 17-minute free flowing “rant”. 

No Emotional Healing For You

This is a passionate rant. Not for the easily offended. Viewer Discretion is Advised. Mature Audiences Only.

Related: I’d done a follow up blog post and called it Zero Chance. It’s, what I hope to be, my final thoughts on all this stuff. You can see that video by clicking here. 

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