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For Subscribers Only.

I want to share this here, just to put it out there.

Big changes going on with me & my personal blog.

Thursday morning, I’d shot a “final video message” just for my subscribers.

If you’re not familiar with my “smack talking – Short Dogg Blogg” let me just say, it’s definitely NOT FOR EVERYONE.

Anyway, in this “for subscribers only” personal video I endedup doing something I’ve never done on camera before, something I have feelings of shame about. 

I touch on Transendental Meditation and we even talk about Annunaki “aliens” as well as some of the things going on in the world these days. 

I also talk on why I’ve been so quiet, when I might be back, and what I’m up to these days. 

No link in bio. Professional stuff only in there. You’ll have to type into your browser and enter your name and email (phone number’s optional) and my website will automatically email you the episode.

Again, a word of caution, I can sound a little offensive sometimes… this ain’t for everyone.

But, if you’ve been watching my public posts on that website, you may wanna subscribe. My subscribers get the “realest” of the real am that I am. Especially going forward.

Okay, I’m headed out to see the new Jesus movie with friends. Happy Saturday, friends!

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