Zero Chance.

The vaccine is 100% safe. All of them. There is zero chance of any adverse effect, of any kind. I know you’re healthy right now but think about all the bad things that could happen. 

This is not worthy of discussion. There is nothing to consider, dear neighbor. I know I drive a taxi for a living, but trust me, I know everything. Please stop thinking and just #DoItForGrandma

This Doctor knows nothing about the science.

You should not listen to this dipshit. You should take medical advice from your taxi driving neighbor. Click image below to hear this fool’s opinion. If you need a good laugh.

EPOC TV is a dangerous source of misinformation. Do not give any thought to anything they have to report.

Only give attention to the science that supports my arguments and preconceived notions.

This Professor of Epidemiology at Yale University doesn’t know shit.

My Final Thoughts On All This Stuff.

I hope this is the last video I make about this. I mean no offense.

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Removed from YouTube. Spreading misinformation or pointing out an ignorance? You Decide.

*UPDATE* I came back to this post in March of 2023 and added this playlist. Much more has played out since I made this post in December of 2021.

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